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Hey, Mama! A Warm Welcome To You.

Dr. Cleopatra, The Fertility Strategist and the President & Chief Scientific Officer of The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI), here. I’m so glad you’re here.


You have been struggling for months or years to get pregnant…

You are scared that you’re running out of time or will have trouble when the time comes because you’ve waited so long…

Or you’ve heard about how your lifestyle affects the genes that you’ll pass down to your baby and just want to learn everything you can…

I want you to know:

You are not alone.

I imagine you’re here because you want to do everything in your power to have the healthiest, happiest, brightest, most well-adjusted baby you can possibly have.

At The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI), we call this YOUR SUPERBABY™.

Long before there was an FPI, I was doing this work as a one-woman show. Because I lost my own mom at birth, I’ve been closely and obsessively observing moms and women who would one day become moms for as long as I remember. I noticed they were struggling, had a lot of questions, and had nowhere to go to ask those questions. I became obsessed with figuring out how to make the world a healthier, happier, more loving and supportive place for women and their babies. Just one month after my 18th birthday, I headed off to the University of Miami on scholarship, and I went straight into a scientific laboratory to study fertility and pregnancy. I started developing and testing what is now popularly-known as the primemester™ 24 years ago.

I had finally cracked the code

The answer to pregnancy prep, to the vast majority of fertility challenges, to healthy pregnancy, to healthy birth, to a healthy postpartum period, and to healthy human and family development is all the same: the primemester.

The primemester is the domino that sets off a cascade of responses and ripples out across at least the next two generations. (That means that you are RIGHT NOW programming both the health of your babies and the health of your grandbabies!)

That obsession-level determination and commitment led to the tools that we now get to teach to women like you, and families like yours, every single day.

The Best-Kept Fertility Secret

(Hint. It can’t be outsourced.)

Biohacking Your Superbaby™

Everything that we do and teach here at FPI is based on the science of epigenetics. Epigenetics is a fancy scientific term that translates to, “above/on top of genetics,” and refers to the process whereby our gene expression becomes activated or suppressed.

It is our signature at FPI to apply the most cutting-edge and pioneering findings from the science of epigenetics using the lens of the biggest love and commitment imaginable.

If you take a seed and plant it in rich fertile soil with the right environment, nutrients, light, and temperature, the seed will grow into a beautiful, strong, healthy tree.

But if you take that same seed and place it into depleted soil lacking the right combination of nutrients, light, and temperature, nothing grows. (Or maybe it does find a way to grow, but it only grows to a fraction of its potential.)

The same is true with your baby.

The reason why the primemester is one of the most important and valuable opportunities we will ever have as human beings is because we use that window of time to set up the right environment so you can grow your superbaby.

You can’t wake up one morning and decide to run a marathon. You have to prepare for it. The primemester is like training for the most important marathon of your life: having babies.

We do all this deliberate work to plan out our college major, our career path, and even our wedding day. If you think about it, why wouldn’t we put at least that much advance planning into our biological clocks and getting to having our superbabies, right?!

And, get this! We can’t outsource our fertility.

It’s just like eating clean and working out. We can hire experts to teach us how, to hold us accountable to our goals, and to support us in reaching our dreams; but no one can eat clean or workout for us (no matter how much money we’re willing to throw at the solution). Our fertility is the same.

Even if you’re going to use IVF, or some other type of medical intervention to have your babies, only you can create the fertile ground for success, and only you can create the epigenetic foundation that you give to your babies. To date, there is no technology that can do this for you. The foundation is yours to lay. Once the foundation is robust, then you are ready to conceive naturally, using IVF, or any other method you choose. But, no matter what you choose, your first step on your path to MOM is the primemester.

To help you pinpoint exactly where you are in, what we call, your Mommy Lifecycle and get right to the best resources for you at your particular stage, check out the Mommy Lifecycle Diagram down there.


At FPI, we conceptualize motherhood (and fatherhood/parenthood) as a lifecycle because we have mounds of scientific and clinical data showing that we create the life, health, well-being, and even epigenome that our babies will have long before they are born—and even long before they are conceived!

We are here to be your village to lean on for the very best information, tools, and community throughout your Mommy Lifecycle. Wherever you are in your Mommy Lifecycle, we’ve got you covered. Let me show you what I mean. Take a little stroll through this diagram with me. It’ll only take a minute. When you arrive at your stage, click on it to be taken straight to the very best FPI resources for you.

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