Essential Nutrient Bundle B

Save 5% when you bundle your Essential Nutrients with Extra Chromosomal Care!

The Essential Nutrients for Fertility, Primemester, Pregnancy, & Postpartum, Extra Chromosomal Care

$475.71 or $451.92 every 2 months

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Your 5 foundational nutrients for fertility, primemester, pregnancy, & postpartum PLUS nutrients for extra chromosomal care and neural tube support.


Clinical applications for fertility, pregnancy, & beyond.
    • Protective against suboptimal nutrient status, which is linked to infertility, fetal growth restriction, preterm birth, and adverse health outcomes in offspring from birth to the end of life (including depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity)
    • Protective against neural tube defects, abnormalities, miscarriage, autism & autism spectrum disorders
    • Reduces inflammation and associated egg, sperm, and broader reproductive aging
    • Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which contribute significantly to egg health, sperm health, uterine health, and fetal health and programming
    • Safely supports the ‘Mother’ of your Fertility & Pregnancy System—digestive health and your microbiome (your second genome)
    • Supports gut and cardiovascular health, and protects against fatty liver 
    • Supports healthy male and female fertility through homocysteine levels and the composition of semen and homocysteine levels in follicular fluid
    • Protects against homocysteine-related pregnancy loss, an overlooked contributor to recurrent pregnancy loss
    • Supports breast milk production
    • Provides crucial support for Parents’s & superbaby’s brain
    • Supports DNA methylation & protects against adverse fertility and pregnancy effects of higher-risk MTHFR genetic polymorphisms: C677T and A1298C
    • Supports red blood cell production and blood health status, including protecting against certain anemias
    • Improves the vaginal microbiome to support fertility and pregnancy outcomes
    • Improves male fertility by increasing sperm concentration and motility 
    • Protective against PCOS, obesity, and insulin resistance—all of which increase risk of infertility
    • Supports healthy progesterone production
    • Reduces risk of anovulation and other ovulatory disorders 
    • Linked to better IVF outcomes
Includes Fertility, Primemester, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Foundations 
  • #1 (Prime Prenatal)
  • #2 (Prime Vitamin D)
  • #3 (Prime Omega 3)
  • #4 (Prime Phosphatidylcholine)
  • #4a (Prime Methylated Folate)
  • #4b (Prime Methylated Vitamin B12)
  • #4c (Prime Methylated B Complex)
  • #5 (Prime Spore Probiotic)
BUNDLE B (2 months worth)
  • Prime Prenatal: Qty 2
  • Prime Vitamin D: Qty 2
  • Prime Omega 3: Qty 1
  • Prime Phosphatidylcholine: Qty 1
  • Prime Methylated Folate: Qty 2
  • Prime Methylated B12: Qty 1
  • Prime Methylated B Complex: Qty 1
  • Prime Spore Probiotic: Qty 1

Clinically Proven


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