The Best-Kept Fertility Secret

(Even If You’ve Been Trying For Months Or Years To Get Pregnant, And Everything Else Has Failed.)

Learn how women in their 20s, 30s, & 40s (28-47 so far!) in 19 countries on 6 continents get pregnant (or plan for a future pregnancy) without expensive intervention, stress, or fuss using this at-home system.


What if you could have a revolutionary at-home system to help you:

If reading this makes your heart burst with excitement—or even feel a little glimmer of hope where you thought there was none left—then you are in the right place.

Read on, sister!

“Dr. Cleopatra brings a stunning combination of research background, scientific training, academic accomplishments, and communication artistry together—and then offers it with a strength, joy, and gentleness that benefits all those who are around her. Her dedication to helping women and families changes lives—for the better. Anyone who knows Dr. Cleopatra and learns from her is fortunate indeed.”

–Dr. Meggin McIntosh, Emphasis on Excellence

Ready To Make (Or Prep For) Your Superbaby™?

Even if you’ve been trying for months or years and nothing else has worked.
Science-Driven. Big-Hearted. Revolutionary.

Dr. Cleopatra
The Fertility Strategist
Executive Director, The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute


Dr. Cleopatra is a scientist and tenured USC professor who pioneered the field of fertility biohacking and creating superbabies.

To date, Dr. Cleopatra has scientifically studied tens of thousands of women and families, and has helped women in 23 countries on 6 continents have their superbabies. She has received nearly $3 million in grant funding from multiple arms of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the National Institute on Standards Technology, and private foundations, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Dr. Cleopatra has been cited in over 1,000 scientific studies in the past 5 years alone. Dr. Cleopatra is the recipient of the 2020 Most Courageous award from the Mindshare Collaborative for changing the face of fertility, and, in 2020, mindbodygreen removed the word “infertility” from its website because of Dr. Cleopatra’s work. 

Dr. Cleopatra is a selected member of the Fulbright Specialists Roster. Dr. Cleopatra teaches women to use the primemester—the critical window of opportunity before pregnancy when we literally have the power to change the quality and expression of the genes that we pass down—to create their superbabies and supergrandbabies.

Using the science-driven, whole-hearted Primemester Protocol developed and refined by Dr. Cleopatra over 100,000 hours and 25 years, in combination with the cutting-edge process of Fertility Epigenetic Tailoring, The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute supports women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to reverse reproductive aging; get pregnant quickly and easily; reduce miscarriage risk; and finally have the superbaby they have been dreaming of for as long as they can remember.

Dr. Cleopatra and her husband, Jaïr, have three superbabies who were conceived on the first try using the Primemester Protocol and born in March (all three!) right before Dr. Cleopatra’s 35th, 37th, and 40th birthdays

To date, I’ve scientifically studied tens of thousands of women and families and have helped women in 19 countries on 6 continents biohack their biological clocks and make their superbabies. I’ve received nearly $3 million in grant funding from multiple arms of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the National Institute on Standards Technology, and private foundations, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I’ve been cited in over 1,000 scientific studies in the past 5 years alone, and I’m the author of the forthcoming book detailing the pioneering Primemester Protocol, the best-kept fertility secret.

At FPI, we guide women just like you in giving themselves their very best odds of slowing and reversing reproductive aging; getting pregnant quickly and easily; reducing miscarriage risk; and finally having the superbaby™ they’ve been dreaming of for as long as they can remember.

If you have a yearning to have your superbaby, that dream is yours. That dream is meant for you.

Ready To Make (Or Prep For) Your Superbaby™?

This is for you whether you want to conceive now or later; whether you are conceiving naturally or are using IVF or other ART; whether you’ve struggled with your fertility or have every reason to believe that fertility will come easy for you.

This is the part of your fertility you can’t—and won’t want to!—outsource.

What Is the Primemester™?

Want to know how a busy, high-achieving woman just like you got pregnant naturally on the FIRST TRY with ALL 3 OF HER SUPERBABIES in her 30s and 40s?

Dr. Cleopatra, The Fertility Strategist & Executive Director of The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI), used the Primemester Protocol that she had meticulously developed and refined over decades for her clients to plan the month her babies were born. Her THREE MARCH BABIES were born just before her 35th, 37th, and 40th birthdays.

But that’s not just Dr. Cleopatra’s story. It’s Jessica’s story, too. And hundreds of other women’s stories, too. And it can be yours, too.

“Your system works!!!! I am 36 years old, have a wacky, unpredictable cycle and a diagnosis (PCOS, plus some other problems) that doctors said would make it nearly impossible for me to conceive, and I still got pregnant on THE VERY FIRST TRY using your conceiving system. Because of you, we are now expecting a baby for the exact time of year we wanted without any of the stress that we have seen so many of our friends go through. We can’t thank you enough for our baby girl on the way and the ease with which she came to us.”

– Jessica A., 36 y/o, Santa Monica, CA

When it comes to your primemester, timing, sequencing, and duration are everything.
Having your superbaby is not a throw-the-spaghetti-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks proposition.  There is a precise and formulaic science to primemestering.

The Primemester Protocol is not just about eating clean, or taking supplements, or doing a fertility cleanse. It is about ALL parts of your fertility system and ALL parts of your life (and how they are working together). You saw a glimpse of this in the “What Goes Into Making Your Superbaby” diagram above, but let me give you a few concrete examples of what you will do and address in your primemester.

You will:

Success stories

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The 5-Step PRIME Method

Pregnant in No Time
Relationship & Intimacy
Inquiry of the Body & Brain
Mentally Fertile
Epigenetic Change

The Fertility Pyramid

PRIME + the D-C-L Mechanism

You will make your way from the base to the apex of your Fertility Pyramid using the D-C-L (Digest-Clean-Light) Mechanism at each of the 5 levels listed above to create positive epigenetic change for yourself, for your superbaby™️, and for future generations of your beautiful family and this beautiful planet that we get to share.

The Primemester Protocol has been meticulously developed, empirically tested, utilized, and refined over 24 years by one of the world’s elite female scientists for the busy modern woman who wants to preserve, extend, and ignite her fertility–for her own health and longevity, and that of her superbabies and supergrandbabies.

More Success stories

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What’s Included In The Primemester™?

Using the Primemester Protocol, you get to take a big, juicy, and important step for your biological clock, fertility, and future family!

The Self-Guided Primemester Protocol Consists Of The Very Best Science-Driven, Big-Hearted Tools, Training, Community, Accountability, And Support:

Here’s what you will experience in the self-guided version of the Primemester Protocol:

Week-by-Week Overview of the Primemester Protocol


Fertility Pyramid Level: OVERVIEW OF THE 5 LEVELS

Module Title: Orientation for a Successful & Transformative Primemester Protocol

Core Goal: Laying the foundation for success: whole body & whole life transformation + baby.


Fertility Pyramid Level: PSYCHOSEXUAL

Module Title: Is Fertility Psychological? + the Foundational Fertility Cost-Benefit Analysis

Core Goal: Learn how to use your psychology to tap into and ignite your innate fertility, reverse reproductive aging, & make space for receiving your superbaby.


Fertility Pyramid Level: BIOECOLOGICAL

Module Title: The Get Pregnant in No Time Formula

Core Goal: Learn and implement the awesome, powerful Get Pregnant in No Time Formula, where you learn to identify your fertile window with near-perfect precision.


Fertility Pyramid Level: PSYCHOSEXUAL

Module Title: The Whole Fertility System & Whole Life Excavation

Core Goal: Conduct deep excavation of your fertility system and your whole life in preparation for receiving your baby, pregnancy, and parenting.


Fertility Pyramid Level: BIOECOLOGICAL

Module Title: The Pregnant Life: Epigenetics + Reproductive Longevity

Core Goal: Start living the Pregnant Life (the right way), learn your Fertility Body Type, & create epigenetic change that supports superfertility and reproductive longevity.


Fertility Pyramid Level: PSYCHOSEXUAL

Module Title: Internal Chemical Messengers + Leaving the Porch Light on for Your Baby

Core Goal: Use your psychology-fertility feedback loops to contribute to positive epigenetic change that will preserve, extend, and amplify your fertility & make your superbaby.


Fertility Pyramid Level: BIOECOLOGICAL

Module Title: External Chemical Messengers + Nutrigenomics

Core Goal: Eliminate fertility-sabotaging external chemical messengers, replace them with fertility-supporting external chemical messengers, & use them to change your gene expression.


Fertility Pyramid Level: NEUROIMMUNOLOGICAL

Module Title: Making Stress Your Friend & Fertility Partner + the Deep Scrub

Core Goal: Learn about your brain’s fertility-igniting power & how to use your brain as one of your most significant reproductive organs.


Fertility Pyramid Level: SOCIAL + CULTURAL

Module Title: Your Primemester Genealogy + Babyproofed Ambition

Core Goal: Uncover how the forces outside of you—in your family of origin, romantic relationship, professional network, and broader social world—become internalized and embedded in your beliefs, in your stress response, & in your fertility system.


Fertility Pyramid Level: RECAP OF THE 5 LEVELS

Module Title: Recap + Transitioning into Primemester Phases 2 & 3

Core Goal: Celebrate the ground you’ve covered & make a seamless transition into the upcoming stages of your Mommy Lifecycle.

Here’s what we see happen in our community, where a group of like-minded women and couples are primemestering together:

Here’s what a wordcloud analysis was able to capture about the quality of experiencing the live cohort of the Primemester Protocol:

“Getting pregnant!”

“It has been a dream of mine since meeting Dr. Cleopatra to do this work. It has given me renewed hope and a deepening of my relationship to myself and my baby and my beloved. I am grateful”

“Hearing my baby’s heartbeat.”

“I didn’t realize it at first but in the end it’s all about getting back in control of my health, my fertility and somehow my life.”

“My 1st positive pregnancy test ever!”

“It’s given me more to work on. I’m not the type of person who likes to sit back and wait for something to happen to me. I want to be involved and make it happen. Traditional medicine only got me so far and I’m grateful to have something that I can do rather than just sitting around waiting for something to change.”

“Learning deeply about my body, mind and spirit and giving me hope and community in a place where I felt alone and hopeless.”

“It’s renewed my hope for what’s possible for my life and what I’m creating and clearing the space for motherhood”

“it has changed not just my health, but my perspective of others, understanding myself, inner strength and receiving my bio baby”

“It was a lot more involved than I had initially realized and the community aspect with the zoom calls have been more important that I thought as well. I will miss the community when it’s done I think. Getting to know Dr. C and the others has been truly wonderful and impacted my journey along with all the content.”

“A new chance at having a baby.. A full family.. HOPE with a clear way
being open to be hopeful and imagine this being easy”

“It’s been really incredible to be with other women who are going through the same thing. I have been really accepting and surrendering to support and help from others. I am getting to know myself more deeply and what I want and how I want to experience life. I’ve allowed myself to experience joy and hope fully.”

“It has been the force I needed to get started again. As you know, I signed up for this program a long time ago but couldn’t bring myself to get started because it was too emotional. This gave me a safe space to learn from others, tools to know I’m making a good faith effort to get pregnant again, and direction/guidance towards positivity.”

“It’s definitely felt more stabilizing. It’s a relief that my husband and I have finally decided that we want to move forward in having a baby and it’s wonderful to go through the program together.”

“More positivity, more hope, more communication with my husband.”

“A huge step in my health. Back in January, I would have told you that I was healthy enough (apart from my fertility) and well aware of what was a healthy nutrition and way of living. Now I realize that I could go even further, feel much better and still discover toxic habits I was having.”

“I felt so out of control with my diet. I was having pain from inflammation and had gained a bit of weight by eating whatever I wanted. I feel more in control of my diet and have the tools I need to be more disciplined so that I can feel better. I had been wanting to move toward an anti-inflammatory diet and this was the push I needed.”

“It’s helping shape/change how I view the fertility journey in the most positive way. I know it’s their to guide me as I make each change I am comfortable with.”

“I feel healthier and more clear on my desires and boundaries. I have made my own desires and health a bigger priority”

“It will have me live longer and I’m appreciative to live like this into being 100 years old and knowing my sons kids”

“It has meant making the most important things a priority and really making time for those things rather than putting them on the back burner. I have come full circle back to my reliance on God and what HE says is possible for me.”

“I’ve gotten to get to know myself and what I want for my life. It’s shown me who I want to be as a mother. I feel more of a pull to follow my life’s purpose and to give back to the world.

“sense of control, support, rethinking my priorities, communication and growth within myself and with my partner”

“It’s helping me to reorganize my life to prioritize what is most important in my life.”

“helped me find inner peace and more peace in my marriage”

“That belief is so powerful and that I my life can be what I want it to be…
It’s wonderful to have this in my toolkit and all the preparation for life, love and family”

“First this is an overall impact on confidence: I was told so many times that the only way to address the ‘problem’ was to turn around it and do an IVF. I knew deep inside that I wanted to address directly my fertility and improve it but no one seemed to have a clue nor the will to look at it. So this is the main impact, knowing that I can act and even reverse the situation is so powerful! The second impact which was surprising to me was the notion of primemester, my first reaction was ‘oh, no I don’t have time for this I’ve already waited so long just give me the recipe :)’ and now I feel grateful not to got pregnant before because not only I act on my fertility but on the health of the next generation in the meantime and this… is huge!”

“Completely turned it around”

“A forgiveness, I no longer have resentment towards my own body & fertility. I know that I need to stand at my side and do my best so my body can function the way it has been designed to. And I know deep inside I was designed to bear my child :)”

“So proud that I made that bet and that I totally invested myself in it!”

“It gave me hope, so the psychological aspect of my fertility journey is getting in better shape. I’m also tracking my cycles with more precision and knowledge than ever before.”

“It has given me a sense of control and empowerment over my fertility”

“I think it has greatly improved my fertility. can’t wait to hold the results in my arms :-)”

“I love learning about epigenetics”

“It has meant getting out of my own way and realizing that I am fertile and my biggest blocking factor to having my baby is my own limiting beliefs.”

“It’s relaxed my body. I can be excited for my baby and leaned into being more hopeful. I can feel that my body has changed because of it. My body feels more open and receptive to having a baby. I can feel my baby coming.”

“I’m feeling confident about it, and am starting to see changes!”

“It’s given me more confidence that I can do this despite my age.”

“That there is hope and that my reproductive system and my genes are actually malleable.”

“I am taking better care of my body, treating myself like a queen preparing for motherhood”

“The personal one-on-one interactions were so meaningful, helping me to really believe in myself and my fertility”
*Note. From Client who did 1:1 work in addition to group.

“I did not think I would be able to communicate with her as much as I get to and that was definitely a pleasant surprise. I am so thankful for her knowledge, support, and time with me/us.”

“The amazing leadership at the institute and the loving hard work that has gone into the creation of the protocol
Grateful that my friend sent me this link, grateful for being part of this wonderful circle, grateful for the generosity of Dr C”

“the support and sense of community”

“I love the invitation and safe space to be honest with myself and explore tough issues and emotionally sensitive topics, while being fed practical and fascinating information about my fertility. IT is the attention to the whole being that I am so grateful for I feel like all of me is being fed.”

“Very helpful to have dr calmly explain numbers from doctors and what to expect from certain visits.”

“All the micronutrients, releasing trauma, etc”

“I love learning about epigenetics”

“YES, so much but the science behind the 120 days”

“the mindset part was critical for me”

“i didn’t know about the link between teeth health & fertility which was an eye opener for me”

“She covers things that are my big blocking factors. That really helped me realize where I need to focus most of my attention in order to become super fertile. I also appreciated her checking in on me from time to time. That meant a lot to me.”

“It’s ok to let yourself feel hopeful and be in a place of joy even in the uncertainty. I have the power to change the generational genetic legacy of my children and the next generations (psychologically and biologically).”

“Cycle tracking, confronting fears to let them go, allowing myself to visualize my family in a way I wouldn’t let myself do before”

“shame, fertility monitoring, supplements, clean products, working daily meditation/yoga/reflection into my day”

“I think everything in the Modules that speaks to nurturing the whole self has been impactful because it’s given me permission to put myself first. Of course, I know it’s important to prioritize my overall well-being but understanding that it truly benefits my whole family is wonderful.”

“learning so much that i had never heard about before”

“Group support and learning, psychological work”

“The knowledge and hope.”

“the sisterhood”

“Dr Cleopatra’s love and personal investment in me, my family, & baby”

Make Your Perfect Superbaby™, Have A Healthy Pregnancy, And A Happy, Love-filled Transition To Parenting

At The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute, we believe that it truly does take a village to raise our children, also to be deliberate and intentional about creating the future and family we have always dreamt of having.

We are here to hold your hand and cheer you on every step of the way, and we are so excited to be your village as you make your perfect superbaby™, have a healthy pregnancy, and a happy, love-filled transition to parenting.

Sending love and warmest wishes + sprinkling all the baby dust in your direction,
Dr. Cleopatra & The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute Team

More From Our Clients

Excerpts–including typos and choice of spelling–are exact quotes from Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI) Clients.

“I am 33 and have had three miscarriages over the past 2 years. I sought Dr. Cleopatra’s help so that I could avoid having to resort to IVF. I had no idea that our work together would help me with so many other things beyond my fertility. I have lost 30 pounds, rid myself of the allergies and sinus problems I had been suffering from for so long, my digestive system is actually working well for what feels like the first time in my life. And, to top it off, I have reprioritized and focused my career so that it serves the life I want to live as Dr. Cleopatra has taught me (rather than living my life to serve my career). I have never felt better physically, more calm and grounded emotionally, or more supported in my career path. I didn’t even realize how bad I was feeling until I experienced how good I could feel.”

- Beverly S. | New York City, New York, U.S.A.

“Dr. Cleopatra has an amazing stick-to-it-iveness, a type of resilience that will blow your mind. She trusts herself, and she trusts in life. Her optimism and positivity are palpable and contagious.”

- Denise A. | Holmby Hills, California, U.S.A.

“I don’t know what I would have done without her to guide me step by step by step through the ups and downs, and ins and outs, of IVF and surrogacy. She was my voice of reason, love, and hope, always there, always steady, especially when I wasn’t.”

- Sarah | Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

“I am a lifelong learner, but as a busy executive, I have learned to hire people to teach me exactly what I need to know in the shortest amount of time. I have worked with executive coaches, nutritionists and other health practitioners, life coaches, personal trainers, you name it. And I have gained important knowledge and skills from each one of those people. But I have never in my life met anyone who can do what this woman can do. It’s like she’s all of that, and so so so much more, wrapped into one. She leaves not one leaf unturned. From your digestion and nutrition and dental health, from your self-confidence to your identity, to how you deal with stress, to your romantic relationship, to your family relationships growing up, from environmental toxins to social toxins, to whether your career really fills you up and reflects who you are and who you really want to be—she covers it all. She is in every part of your life, exactly as you want her to be, not just because there is no one you trust more to never even have so much as a judgmental thought about your deepest secrets and sources of shame or your wildest dreams, but also because she helps you figure out how to make the different areas of your life work better together. In service of your fertility. In service of your health. In service of your happiness. In service of your wholeness and that of your family. I just can’t say enough. If you haven’t experienced this woman’s work first hand, it’s a must.”

- Janie | Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

“Dr. Cleopatra has the most, beautiful, soothing, competent, and compassionate energy, you know you can trust her from minute one, and—it’s true—she holds your story, your identity, your life, your secrets and your family’s secrets sacred. This woman is the real deal.”

- Andie A. | Bel Air, California, U.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m already healthy, and I already know what to eat and what supplements to take. What’s so different and special about the Primemester Protocol?

A: Preserving, extending, and igniting your fertility are about more than eating clean and taking supplements and moving your body. If you’re not already an expert at each level of fertility triangle or how to connect the dots between each level, then you’re missing some critical components. The Primemester Protocol we provide you with all the components you need, in the right order, guided by 24 years of Dr. Cleopatra’s training and expertise plus the leading experts in fertility and pregnancy to help you take the most efficient route from where you are today to having your super baby (whether it’s now or 5 years from now).

Q: Why do we have to prepare to have our baby? Can’t we just have sex and get pregnant?

A: Just because everybody does something a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it. The Primemester Protocol is for women and couples who want to do everything in their power to ensure the healthiest, happiest, brightest, most well adjusted baby you can possibly have.

In the last 4 decades, there’s been a decline in male and female fertility. Diabetes and other diseases have grown exponentially and are shortening not just lifespan but health span for the first time ever in American history the average life expectancy has been declining each year since 2014. These major killers, including obesity and diabetes begin being conditioned in the primmester and during pregnancy. We don’t want to be part of what’s happening on average right now. 

The Primemester Protocol helps you intercept processes that haven’t been working and lays down the foundation, so you can begin to program the health and longevity not just of your children, but your children’s children.

Q: I already can’t keep up with all my to-dos. How am I going to make the time for this?

A: We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If we truly want something we will make time for it. The Primemester Protocol is a significant investment of time, energy, and money and so is having children. Your primemester is the perfect time to practice and start making space for being a mom and having a baby to take care of. There’s no training ground for what’s to come because having a child is a much bigger investment of time, energy, and money than the program. You’re leaving the porch light on for your baby by how you’re allocating your time, energy, and money. You’ll need to set aside approximately 210 minutes per week for your primemester. If you feel like you don’t have enough time, we recommend that you carve 15 minutes off of tv and 15 off of social media each day and that will buy your time back.

Q: I’ve been struggling to get pregnant for years and I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked and I’m on the verge of losing all hope. Why would this be any different?

A: Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. If none of the approaches you and doctor have taken haven’t addressed all these parts, there’s still more you can do and there’s still hope for you. In the Primemester Protocol we teach “you taught me to believe in and tap into my own innate fertility.” My fertility has always been there with me but somehow I lost touch with it and stopped believing in what my body was designed to do. The program includes psychological and science based exercises to overcome limiting beliefs so you can regain trust in your body and the timing of your baby even when it’s been long and hard. We hold your hand to help you reconnect to your body and pleasure to ignite your fertility.

Involuntary childlessness and what we believe to be closest to fertility and stertiliation in . which means there are very few people in the world who are infertile. Most fertility challenges are conditions of subfertility in the couple or the way they combine with one another. We work at each level of fertility we can almost always get over that threshold of subfertility. There’s almost always hope if we’re willing to be comprehensive, intentional, and focused on it. There’s no doctor in the world who’s going to take into account every area of your life when assessing your fertility. We do that. When there are challenges it’s necessary to be that nuanced when we approach it. You followed all the rules, did everything you were supposed to and then try for a baby and can’t, questioning all choices and feel a sense of betrayal, you are not alone. It’s not your fault. And you’re certainly not alone. Primemester protocol exists to help you show you another way.

Q: Why should I invest in this over doing IVF?

A: IVF is a huge emotional, physical, and financial investment. You want to make sure you’re going to maximize your likelihood of success. IVF and other interventions typically circumvent the underlying fertility challenge, but they can’t treat it. One of the things you can do in IVF you can screen embryos to ensure they’re genetically normal so that any abnormal embryos don’t get transferred, but IVF can’t help ensure you get more normal embryos in the first place. You cannot outsource your fertility, juts like you can’t outsource eating well or exercising. You are the only one who can do those things for yourself. The same thing is true with your fertility. Even if you’re going to rely on medical intervention because you want to or feel like you don’t have any other choice, you have to do your part to maximize the likelihood of success. We have a large and growing literature to show that there are factors that only you have control over that affect the outcome of IVF. The Primemester Protocol will prime your fertility system to have your baby whether or not you choose to have medical intervention, and to be mentally strong and stable in the process.

More Specific Questions + Special Cases

Q: I have low AMH. It’s been really hard to get this news, and I feel concerned about having enough time to have babies.

A: The Primemester Protocol can help you if you have low AMH [anti-mullerian hormone, an indicator of ovarian reserve] or have otherwise been told that you have low ovarian reserve. You can improve your indicators of functional ovarian reserve, and you have even more power to impact the quality of your remaining eggs. Even if you are going to resort to IVF or other intervention, you will need and want to primemester because IVF cannot change the number or quality of your eggs. The Primemester Protocol teaches you how to address low AMH, as well as related indicators of low ovarian reserve, including high FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) and low estradiol.

Q: Does the Primemest Protocol help with estrogen dominance and low progesterone?

A: Estrogen dominance—which is generally accompanied by low progesterone—are very common conditions in the Western world. They are associated with a number of conditions that can make it harder to get and stay get pregnant, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, fibroids, inflammation, gut dysbiosis, fatty liver, short luteal phase, and short menstrual cycles. The Primemester Protocol teaches you how to address each one of these and more related to estrogen dominance.

Q: Can you keep trying to get pregnant while doing primemester?

A: Yes, you can keep trying to get pregnant while primemestering. Ideally, you will wait to get pregnant until after completing a 120-day primemester because, like anything in life, the benefits are cumulative. You’re much more likely to successfully complete a marathon if you train for it. Nevertheless, you can also primemester as you go. The Primemester Protocol walks you through this decision-making process so that you will know what is best for you.

Q: How involved are partners in the Protocol? My partner is supportive, but I can’t see him refraining from alcohol or changing his diet for four months. Is the timeline for sperm quality the same as the timeline for egg quality?

A: It takes up to 74 days to produce new sperm. There are additional reasons, beyond sperm quality, to reduce alcohol intake and to follow the approach to food that you learn in the Primemester Protocol. Invite your partner to do what he/she/they feels willing and able to do. It’s better that everyone feels like they are doing what they are most excited doing (rather than what they are told they should do). In a perfect world, all parents primemester. But in the real world, we all do the best we can with the resources and information we have. You have this amazing information, and we teach you in the Primemester Protocol how to build your internal and external resources so that you can make the best use of this incredible information you now have. Your fertility and your baby are so much better off even if you are the only one who primemesters and your partner opts not to participate. The Primemester Protocol walks you through the Partner Decision, the partner invitation process, and weekly partner recommendations—including Weekly Partner Messages that make it fast and easy for your partner.

Q: How many people have gone through the Protocol?

A: Since 1996, we have studied over 30,000 women and families, and we have directly supported more than 1000 women/couples in having their superbabies™. As of September, we have already served nearly 200 women/couples/families in 2020 alone.

Q: How is weight a factor in fertility?

A: First and foremost, the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute is a body positive space, and it is so much better epigenetically if you love yourself and your beautiful body. With that in mind, still, the scientific data are very clear that there is a Fertile Zone for body mass index (BMI), which is used an indicator of how healthy someone’s weight is. The Fertile Zone for BMI is approximately 19-25. A BMI below or above the Fertile Zone is known to make it harder, on average, to get and stay pregnant. We also have a more nuanced way of looking at Fertility Body Types in the Primemester Protocol beyond just BMI because details like body composition, body fat distribution, and build matter.

Q: Once you join the Protocol, do you have access for life? Is the content continually updated as more scientific studies come out that are applicable?

A: Yes, once you invest in the Primemester Protocol you have lifetime access, and we are always updating the Protocol as the state of our science and the scientific literature evolves.

Q: Does the Protocol utilize any Natural Family Planning Methods? Charting BBT? Ovulation strips? Etc.?

A: Early in the Primemester Protocol, you will learn the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula (GPINTFx). Dr. Cleopatra meticulously developed the GPINTFx, and it helps you to identify your fertile window with as close to perfect precision humanly possible without use of ultrasound.

Q: Are there healthier alternatives to hormonal birth control?

A: The Get Pregnant in No Time Formula (GPINTFx)—which is Module 2 of the Primemester Protocol—was developed for identifying your fertile window with the greatest precision humanly possible (without use of ultrasound) for the purpose of achieving pregnancy. Theoretically however, once you have learned your body’s signals so well and you know how to collect your body’s data so precisely, you could use the same formula to avoid pregnancy once you are well-practiced and confident in your ability.

Q: I know that stress plays a major role in health and fertility. If you are going through a very stressful period in life (financial/personal), is it better to wait until things calm down before you primemester?

A: Life is stressful (in both positive and negative ways). There will always be something to stress about, and there is never a ‘perfect’ time to have a baby. Many women and couples keep putting off having babies waiting for a good time only to realize that there is never a good time and that they have run out of time. It’s painful when life and time make decisions about your family size and composition for you. It’s so much better to be proactive. Your biological clock and fertility are an offensive game; not a defensive one. The Primemester Protocol teaches you about the role of stress in your fertility system. It also teaches you critical tools for improving your stress resilience (since stress is a fact of life and will never go away) and how to make stress your fertility partner.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to We would love to assist you!

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