Get Pregnant in No Time Formula

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(Even If You’ve Already Been Trying For Months Or Years To Get Pregnant, And Nothing Else Has Worked.)

Learn how women in their 20s, 30s, & 40s (28-47 so far!) in 18 countries on 6 continents get pregnant (or plan for a future pregnancy) without expensive intervention, stress, or fuss using this at-home system.

(even when they’ve already been trying to get pregnant for months or years and everything else has failed).


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Want To Get Pregnant Or Plan For A Future Pregnancy?
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The Get Pregnant In No Time Formula

Hey, Future Mama!

If you want to identify your fertile days with nearly zero margin of error (as precisely as humanly possible without ultrasound) get pregnant quickly and easily & finally have the baby you’ve been dreaming of for as long as you can remember, you couldn’t be in better, more competent hands.

I’m so happy you found your way here.

About The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI)

The mission of the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI) is to see what others can’t using the best of love, science, and commitment to help ensure that your fertility keeps up with your high-achieving life so that you get to have as many superbabies as your heart desires. Using the data-driven, big-hearted Primemester™ Protocol developed and refined by Dr. Cleopatra over the past 24 years, The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI) helps women all over the world reverse reproductive aging; get pregnant quickly and easily; reduce miscarriage risk; and finally have the superbaby™ they have been dreaming of for as long as they can remember.

Dr. Cleopatra
Fertility Strategist
President & Chief Scientific Officer of The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI)

Our President & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Cleopatra is a scientist and university professor specializing in fertility, pregnancy, and how health is transmitted from one generation to the next. To date, she has received nearly $3 million in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and others. Dr. Cleopatra has been cited over 1,000 times in the past 5 years alone. Dr. Cleopatra is the author of the forthcoming book, “You’re One Primemester Away from Your Superbaby™.”

Dr. Cleopatra teaches women about the primemester—the magical and powerful window of opportunity before pregnancy—when we literally have the power to change the quality and expression of the genes that we pass down to our babies and grandbabies.

“Dr. Cleopatra brings a stunning combination of research background, scientific training, academic accomplishments, and communication artistry together—and then offers it with a strength, joy, and gentleness that benefits all those who are around her. Her dedication to helping women and families changes lives—for the better. Anyone who knows Dr. Cleopatra and learns from her is fortunate indeed.”

–Dr. Meggin McIntosh, Emphasis on Excellence

A Revolutionary At-home System To Completely Take The Stress And
Guesswork Out Of Getting Pregnant

What Is The Get Pregnant In No Time Formula?

Want to know how a busy, high-achieving woman just like you naturally prevented pregnancy while getting to know her fertility like the back of her hand so that when she was finally ready to get pregnant she was able to conceive on the FIRST TRY with ALL 3 OF HER BABIES?

Dr. Cleopatra, The Fertility Strategist and President & Chief Scientific Officer of The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI), used the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula that she had meticulously developed and refined over decades for her clients to plan the month her babies were born. Her 3 March babies were born just before her 35th, 37th, and 40th birthdays.

But that’s not just Dr. Cleopatra’s story. It’s Jessica’s story, too. And it can be yours, too.

The Get Pregnant in No Time Formula is a revolutionary at-home system that you can use to completely take the stress and guesswork out of getting pregnant.

If you’re not ready to get pregnant yet, use the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula to learn the ins and outs of your fertility, get the memo from your body if your biological clock experiences a big shift, nourish your fertility and your knowledge of your fertility so that it is there for you–primed and ignited–when you feel ready to start building your family. The same Formula you use to avoid pregnancy, will allow you to get pregnant quickly and easily.

Learn how to identify your fertile days with the most perfect precision humanly possible (without ultrasound).

Have sex on those days if you want to get pregnant.

Don’t have sex on those days if you don’t want to get pregnant.

Your system works!!!! I am 36 years old, have a wacky, unpredictable cycle and a diagnosis (PCOS, plus some other problems) that doctors said would make it nearly impossible for me to conceive, and I still got pregnant on THE VERY FIRST TRY using your conceiving system. Because of you, we are now expecting a baby for the exact time of year we wanted without any of the stress that we have seen so many of our friends go through. We can’t thank you enough for our baby girl on the way and the ease with which she came to us.
Jessica A.
36 y/o, Santa Monica, CA
$ 397 $497
The first 150 In-the-Future Mommies to invest in themselves and their fertility with the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula will be gifted the Mommy Success Toolkit (retail: $149) which gives you the top 10 secrets that you need to know for all the upcoming stages of your Mommy Lifecycle™, including the Pregnant Mommy, Birthing Mommy, Postpartum Mommy, & New Mommy stages.

Why The Get Pregnant In No Time Formula?

For some, hormonal birth control comes with short- and long-term side effects, like accelerated aging of the ovaries, depression, and insulin resistance (a risk factor for diabetes).

For EVERYONE, hormonal birth control masks a critical vital sign: your period and overall menstrual cycle.

This means that it also masks—and, potentially, affects—your fertility.

Devices that are put in the body come with their own risks (even if they don’t contain hormones), such as risk of infection and ectopic pregnancy, cramping, and heavy bleeding. Wearable devices can provide all this cool info about the body, like how you slept, but it’s not yet clear how effectively they predict ovulation. A recent meta-analysis (or review) of the scientific studies showed that period-tracking and fertility apps are unreliable and should not be relied upon for birth control or for conceiving.

Temperature charting is a struggle if you travel, don’t wake up at the same time every single day, or have to pee in the middle of the night. Basically, if you’re human. Also, your temperature only tells you if ovulation already happened. It doesn’t tell you that ovulation is about to happen–which is what you need to know in order to get pregnant (or to not get pregnant).

In fact, here’s a graph that shows you when pregnancy occurs. The likelihood of pregnancy occurring after ovulation–when you can detect the change in temperature–is effectively 0%.

Pregnancy most often happens on the day of ovulation and the day before ovulation. And, sometimes, it happens a couple of days earlier than that.

But pregnancy can always occur as a result of sex on the day of ovulation + the 5 days prior. Which is why you need the heads up that ovulation will be occurring.

The Get Pregnant in No Time Formula was meticulously developed over 24 years by one of the world’s elite woman scientists for the busy modern woman who wants to time pregnancy perfectly for her life and nourish (instead of mask and harm) her fertility and biological clock in the process.



Refreshingly Effective

What’s Included In The Get Pregnant In No Time Formula?

Using the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula, you get to take a big, juicy, and important step for your biological clock, fertility, and future family!

As part of the Get Pregnant In No Time Formula, you will learn how to use the following baby-making analytics to get pregnant in no time:

The Get Pregnant In No Time Formula Consists Of The Very Best Data-Driven, Big-Hearted Tools, Training, Community, Accountability, And Support:


Section 1. Core Goal + What’s Ahead

Section 2. Quick Preview

Section 3. Your Natural Cycle & Unmedicated Body

Section 4. The Art & Science of Your Fertile Window

Section 5. The Ins & Outs of Data Collection

Section 6. When & How to Have Sex to Get Pregnant (Or to Not Get Pregnant)

Section 7. Tools for Data Collection & Looking Inside Your Body

Section 8. Female Orgasm & Fertility

Section 9. Diagnostic

Section 10. Recap + ABCD Implementation & Funwork

Section 11. Resources

Section 12. Weekly Growth Report

Section 13. Bless Another, Community Share

Make Your Perfect Superbaby™, Have A Healthy Pregnancy, And A Happy, Love-filled Transition To Parenting

Congratulations, Precious Mama! At The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI), we believe that it truly does take a village to raise our children, also to be deliberate and intentional about creating the future and family we have always dreamt of having.

We are here to hold your hand and cheer you on every step of the way, and we are so excited to be your village as you make your perfect superbaby™, have a healthy pregnancy, and a happy, love-filled transition to parenting.

Sending love and warmest wishes + sprinkling all the baby dust in your direction, Dr. Cleopatra & The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI) Team.

More From Our Clients

Excerpts are exact quotes from current Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI) Clients.

What Has Working with FPI Meant for You?

What Has Working with FPI Meant for Your Fertility?

Parts of Working with FPI that Have Most Strongly Impacted You

Frequently Asked Questions

The Primemester Protocol can help you if you have low AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone) or otherwise have been told that you have low ovarian reserve. You can improve your indicators of functional ovarian reserve, and you have even more power to impact the quality of your remaining eggs. Even if you are going to resort to IVF or other intervention, you will need and want to primemester because IVF cannot change the number or quality of your eggs. The Primemester Protocol teaches you how to address low AMH, as well as related indicators of low ovarian reserve, including high FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) and low estradiol.
Estrogen dominance—as well as the combination of estrogen dominance and low progesterone—are very common conditions in the Western world. They are associated with a number of conditions that can make it harder to get and stay get pregnant, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, fibroids, inflammation, gut dysbiosis, fatty liver, short luteal phase, and short menstrual cycles. The Primemester Protocol teaches you how to address each one of these and more related to estrogen dominance.

Here is the link for the Primemester Protocol:

Single Payment Primemester Protocol

Two Payments Primemester Protocol

Here is the link for Primemester Club so that you can get real-time support as you do your self-paced Primemester Protocol:

Special Rate Primemester Club

One important note is that Primemester Club is not a standalone product. It is only available as an add-on because it is to answer any questions you have as you are doing the Primemester Protocol.

Yes, you can keep trying to get pregnant while primemestering. Ideally, you will wait to get pregnant until after completing a 120-day primemester, but you can also primemester as you go. The Primemester Protocol walks you through this decision-making process so that you will know what is best for you.
It takes up to 74 days to produce new sperm. There are additional reasons, beyond sperm quality, to reduce alcohol intake and to follow the approach to food that you learn in the Primemester Protocol. Invite your partner to do what he/she/they feels willing and able to do. It’s better that everyone feels like they are doing what they are most excited doing (rather than what they are told they should do). In a perfect world, all parents primemester. But in the real world, we all do the best we can with the resources and information we have. You have this amazing information, and we teach you in the Primemester Protocol how to build your internal and external resources so that you can make the best use of this incredible information you now have. Your fertility and your baby are so much better off even if you are the only one who primemesters and your partner opts not to participate. The Primemester Protocol walks you through the Partner Decision, the partner invitation process, and weekly partner recommendations—including Weekly Partner Messages that make it fast and easy for your partner.
Since 1996, we have studied over 30,000 women and families, and we have directly supported nearly 500 women/couples in having their superbabies™.
First and foremost, the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute is a body positive space, and it is so much better epigenetically if you love yourself and your beautiful body. With that in mind, still, the scientific data are very clear that there is a Fertile Zone for body mass index (BMI), which is used an indicator of how healthy someone’s weight is. The Fertile Zone for BMI is approximately 19-25. A BMI below or above the Fertile Zone is known to make it harder, on average, to get and stay pregnant. We also have a more nuanced way of looking at Fertility Body Types in the Primemester Protocol beyond just BMI because details like body composition, body fat distribution, and build matter.
Yes, once you invest in the Primemester Protocol you have lifetime access, and we are always updating the Protocol as the state of the scientific literature evolves.
Early in the Primemester Protocol, you will learn the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula (GPINTFx). Dr. Cleopatra meticulously developed the GPINTFx, and it helps you to identify your fertile window with as close to perfect precision humanly possible without use of ultrasound.
The Get Pregnant in No Time Formula (GPINTFx)—which is Module 2 of the Primemester Protocol—was developed for identifying your fertile window with the greatest precision humanly possible (without use of ultrasound) for the purpose of achieving pregnancy. Theoretically however, once you have learned your body’s signals so well and you know how to collect your body’s data so precisely, you could use the same formula to avoid pregnancy once you are well-practiced and confident in your ability.
Life is stressful. There will always be something to stress about, and there is never a ‘perfect’ time to have a baby. Many women and couples keep putting off having babies waiting for a good time only to realize that there is never a good time and that they have run out of time. It’s painful when life and time make decisions about your family size and composition for you. It’s so much better to be proactive. Your biological clock and fertility are an offensive game; not a defensive one. The Primemester Protocol teaches you about the role of stress in your fertility system. It also teaches you critical tools for improving your stress resilience (since stress is a fact of life and will never go away) and how to make stress your fertility partner.
You do not need to purchase. Just let us know you want to participate, and we will make sure you get added to the list for receiving the bonus call with Danika! You are going to love seeing how Danika systematizes scheduling her Primemester Protocol into her busy life!

The Fertility Epigenetic Tailoring is $3300 per couple and includes ~16 hours of personalization of the Primemester Protocol.

Here is a special discounted bundle for the Primemester Protocol (self-guided) + Primemester Club + Fertility Epigenetic Tailoring for you:

  • One payment
  • Divided into 3 payments

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