Primemester Club

Once you graduate from Phase 1 of your Primemester, I seriously could not be more excited about all of the beauty that is ahead for you!!!

I know that this moment in your process brings both excitement and trepidation.

You are excited about what’s ahead, and it also feels scary to take the step forward beyond the container of the Primemester Protocol and our group.

I want to put your mind at ease right now.

REST ASSURED that I am not going anywhere and that your primemester community is not going anywhere.

I am here with you for your entire Mommy Lifecycle.

I Am Here With You As:

Training, Tools, Community, Accountability, Support (TTCAS) are the machinery that ensure that the Primemester Protocol produces success for you.

I have learned, after almost 24 years of doing this with now almost 500 families, this is the time that you need TTCAS more than ever.

Bottom line, you still need help and support staying connected to the why behind the steps you are taking so that you can stay focused on your prize: your perfect, precious superbaby.

That’s what we want more than anything, too.

Primemester Club grew from this very goal. Primemester Club ensures that you still get the full TTCAS during your Primemester Phases 2 & 3.

You have lifetime access to the Primemester Protocol, so you will forever have the training and the tools. But I totally understand—and have seen firsthand time and time again—that there is never a time when you won’t need the community, support, and accountability.

Primemester Club makes sure that you never have to worry about not having them.

Send in your questions in advance, and we will gather every two weeks for Women’s Only Q&As and for Couples Q&As to answer as many of them as possible.

We encourage you to come into Primemester Club for 3 reasons:
  1. First and foremost, we couldn’t be more committed or determined to see you succeed, and we aren’t taking any chances that you lose momentum or get off track—mentally, physically, or otherwise.
  2. There is a lot going on in the world right now, and we want to make sure that even those of you who have been financially impacted by coronavirus can still have access to TTCAS throughout your primemester. We know how critical the full equation is to your success.
  3. As the mission of the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute (FPI) gets to make bigger and bigger impact in the world and the number of primemestering women and families is growing exponentially, we feel so thankful and excited, and our commitment is to ensure that we can continue to track our families’s progress and to share our data and success rates with you.