Success Stories

Kate Northrup

“So the fact that you could devote this 120 days before getting pregnant to set your children up and your grandchildren up to live in the healthiest possible bodies, I can’t even think of a more important investment”

Danika Brysha

“It’s brought me back home to myself in a deeper way than I’ve ever experienced just by learning my own cycles and learning my own body. It has just been one of the most powerful things that we’ve ever done—not just for fertility, but for our life, for our relationship.”

Shanda Sumpter

“I’m telling you, as soon as someone hears Dr. Cleopatra, they’re like: This is new information that I didn’t know; it doesn’t sound the same as everything else. And it makes a lot of sense.”


“I never really thought of myself as someone who would endure fertility problems. Especially since my husband and I got pregnant with our first child right out of the gate after the first month of being married.”


“My journey in trying to get pregnant, it felt like it was forever. And you can read online about so many different things and what to do—this, that, and the other; but the information that you get as part of the Primemester is like no other, I swear on my life.”

Melissa Mayo

“Even though Dr. C is a scientist—a recognized scientist that has been quoted in thousands of studies—she still believes that love and emotion, and that intangible part of science, fall into this too—which, I mean, blows my mind.”

Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore

“Dr. C is an award-winning researcher. Her research is the foundation for her program. When my clients are working through infertility or trying to get pregnant or in need of work-life balance I recommend them to Dr. C. She is an extraordinary teacher. She brings a body of knowledge to life.”

Dr. Mariza Snyder

“I know that each and every one of us has a story. I know every one of us has massive struggles. And if we’re women, especially of women of color—Mexican women, Black women—it just gets harder. It doesn’t get easier. And our level of resilience and what our body is capable of, especially with the work that you do, Dr. Cleopatra. I mean, you are really the beacon of hope that made me believe that even if I had something, like an autoimmune condition, and an autoimmune condition in my late thirties and early forties, no less, that it was still possible.”

Shanda: Fertility Workshop

“Dr. Cleopatra has an amazing stick-to-it-iveness, a type of resilience that will blow your mind. She trusts herself, and she trusts in life. Her optimism and positivity are palpable and contagious.”

Maya X

“Someone told me a long time ago, faith is when someone believes in you when you may not believe in yourself. And you were that person for me. And what’s amazing about you, Dr. C is that you believed this to your core. You truly, truly, truly, truly believed that I was going to get pregnant. And you never wavered. I ended up getting pregnant on the first transfer after the first retrieval. And that’s what I’m looking at right now. Yeah. It was amazing.”

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