Becoming A Mommy: 10 Helpful Tips For Success

Becoming a mommy> Preparing for the phases of parenting is an exciting and important step in a woman’s life. It can also be a super terrifying and emotional path for many women trying to conceive. Unlike what we’re normally taught, I truly believe that becoming a mommy begins the moment you decide you want to be a mother, and it’s a decision that lasts for as long as you’re alive. It’s not an overnight event. Fortunately, getting ready holistically and being consistent will significantly boost your odds of living your dream of being a Mama.

Whether you plan to conceive soon or consider starting your future family with your partner or donor (if you’re preparing to face the phases of parenting as a single mom), this post is for you. Countless online libraries, books, sites, and all types of fertility information, tools, and treatments are available. Navigating through it all and knowing what information is beneficial or detrimental to you in this first stage of becoming a mommy gets intricate and, often, extremely confusing. I’m here to help you. I want to discuss the importance of pregnancy preparation and give you 10 ways to start preparing your mind and body for your optimal pregnancy and healthy baby today.

As someone who lost her beautiful young mother at birth, I’ve dedicated my life to my obsession with female fertility, pregnancy, and reproductive health, helping women across the world live their dreams of becoming healthy mothers to their beautiful, healthy superbabies. I’ve developed practices, tools, resources, and more through the Primemester Protocol, helping many women on the path to becoming a mommy.

Backed by the support of the incredible and highly specialized FPI Team, the Primemester Protocol has helped women well into their late thirties (including myself) epigenetically transform their bodies to create the environment that will optimally support the development and growth of thriving, well-adjusted children. Today, I share my 27 years of expertise and dedication with you on your path to becoming a mommy. Let’s get started.

Becoming A Mommy: Getting Ready

We pass on so much of ourselves to our babies – our genes, our health (both mental and physical), longevity, and more. Preparing for pregnancy and becoming a mommy is crucial for your physical and emotional well-being and your baby’s. Priming your body long before conceiving, one of the most critical phases of parenting, ensures you are in optimal health and condition to start working toward your healthiest pregnancy and baby goals.

With the science-based practices found explicitly in the Primemester Protocol, you will learn about the significance of optimizing your epigenome expression during that crucial 120-day window before conception – your primemester. Through this unique epigenetic approach, you can drastically improve your health, fertility, and chances of successfully conceiving and becoming a mommy, reducing the risk of complications before and during pregnancy.

Its practices, designed to support you through the pre and post-conception phases of parenting, and are incredibly beneficial if you’re considering assisted reproduction treatments (ART) like in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) (Sgueglia et al., 2023).

Becoming A New Mommy – Preparation Tips

As I mentioned, countless resources are out there from a rabbit hole of differing sources regarding the best practices for the various phases of parenting. Though some of the information is consistent, not all aligns with the findings in the years of dedicated scientific research and studies I’ve personally conducted with my specialized FPI Team. Believe me when I tell you that your and your baby’s complete health is at the core and heart of all we do. I’m here to give you accurate information and science-based ways you can start implementing today to optimize your body and mind for becoming a mommy to a strong and well-adjusted baby.

Before we start, I want to tell you about a fertility-hacking secret to becoming a mommy to your healthiest baby: Superbaby Nutraceuticals. These supplements go beyond just fertility support; they are ultimate fertility superheroes for you and your partner/donor. They’ll correct suboptimal micro and macro-nutrient status, helping to build the foundations you need to foster an optimal internal environment. Once the foundational nutrient work is done, they’ll help you optimize the individual elements of your reproductive health (including egg and sperm quality and health) to give you the best odds at becoming a mommy.

Explore the world of Superbaby Nutraceuticals and start preparing to become a mommy in the best way possible.

10 Tips For Success In Becoming A Mommy

Nurturing your mental and physical health:

What you eat, expose yourself to, the activities you engage in, and what you mentally consume all affect your health and heavily influence your baby’s development, health, and long-term well-being (Eleftheriades et al., 2022). I’ll detail tips for nurturing your mind and body in a checklist at the end of this section to help make this easier as you focus on becoming a mommy.

It will help you foster an optimal internal environment for a flourishing life with your beautiful baby. Our Superbaby Nutraceuticals are created to support all phases of parenting, from your primemester all through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. They help lay the foundation you need and aid you in building the optimal internal environment to nurture the healthiest pregnancy and baby.

Urgent vs. important:

Understanding the difference between urgent and important things will help you readjust the focus of how you want to spend your time. This applies to your work life, too. Striking for a healthy balance can also work wonders for high-stress reduction and help you prioritize your mental well-being and happiness. Your dream of becoming a mommy is hugely important to you, me, and the extended FPI family. I’m here to do everything in my power to help you realize that dream in the healthiest way possible.

One of the ways you can truly prioritize your vision of becoming a mommy is through our Primemester Protocol. It goes way beyond being a program to help you get pregnant fast. Its teachings, scientific research-based practices, and tools help you take the guesswork from your entire fertility journey, furnishing you with the total health you need to achieve your baby goals.

Short (quarterly), mid-term (yearly), and long-term (5 -10 years) plans with actionable steps:

Make Specific, Measurable, RELEVANT, and Time-specific (SMART) goals with daily and weekly objectives to help you start working toward your plans of becoming a mommy. As you take this path, remember that these plans, goals, and objectives are not fixed. The main point is to help you make intentional changes in your path instead of reactional changes.

With the Primemester Protocol, your fertility is covered as soon as you start, and its practices, tools, and coaching can be used for the rest of your long, healthy life. This can be a transformational addition to your quarterly or yearly plans for becoming a mommy.

A clear vision of your ideal future:

Develop a clear picture of the activities and feelings you want to fill your days with instead of saying, “I want to be an accountant,” for example. This is so you can align or alter your occupational goals with how you want to feel and fill your time. This is key for your happiness and mental well-being when cultivating the proper mindset for becoming a mommy.

Through the Primemester Protocol, you’ll learn a library of crucial knowledge, including the importance of thinking of your baby as though they were here right now, envisioning your relationship with them, and the kind of life you want with them.

Self-care is a priority, not an option:

How you prioritize self-care and treat yourself holds significant meaning for yourself, the universe, the world around you, and your path to becoming a mommy. Recognizing your worth and treating yourself as valuable is essential, as others will follow suit in respecting and valuing you. Self-care and finding pleasure in your everyday life are integral to your empowerment as a woman (Narasimhan et al., 2019). While it’s essential not to take yourself too seriously, never underestimate the significance of embracing your power and seeking enjoyment with utmost seriousness.

Embrace self-care and pleasure as vital aspects of your journey to empowerment and fulfillment. It’s also important to surround yourself with people who embrace you as you are, value you, and support you. I want to take a quick moment to invite you to a community where you can find this and more. The Art & Science Of Getting Pregnant Facebook Group is a diverse and loving family full of Mamas who have been in a similar position as you and can relate to you. It’s an incredible space to start sharing, relieve your mind from stress, and take care of your emotional well-being. Face the fluctuating emotions of becoming a mommy proactively.

Following your heart:

Figure out your own definition of success and live your truth without trying to please everyone because, honestly, you won’t, and that’s okay. Every single moment of your life is a valuable gift to be cherished. Remember, you are unique, your body is unique, and so is your path to becoming a mommy and timing. Embrace it all and learn to love it right now and every day.

If you ever feel unsure or have questions about your unique situation, please consult with your highly specialized FPI Team. We always and only have the best intentions for your complete care and well-being and your baby’s, and we’re here to help you reach your goals of becoming a mommy through everything we offer.

Consult with your highly specialized FPI Team today and start getting the answers you’ve been searching for.

Must haves and desirables when finding a partner:

When seeking a life partner and someone to support you in becoming a mommy and living the phases of parenting with you, it’s crucial to define your top five must-haves and desirable traits. Avoid dating anyone who doesn’t meet your essential criteria and at least some of the desirable ones.

If you’re already committed to someone who doesn’t align with these factors, take time to evaluate your relationship (Tao et al., 2012). Remember, we always have choices, even when they may not seem apparent. Don’t be swayed into believing that dating people who don’t meet your criteria will lead you to your dream partner. Surrounding yourself with the right people profoundly affects your life and the process of becoming a mommy, so choose wisely.

Ultimately, prioritize genuine connection and compatibility, valuing the ability to be yourself and have fun together above all else. One of the main worries that the Mamas join our community is needing a partner to walk this path with. As intimidating and scary as this path is, many women have gone on to have successful pregnancies and births without a partner and raise incredible families.

Remember, this is your dream, and the only thing that can stop you from achieving it is the fears you allow to hold you back. The Primemester Protocol is the ultimate way to empower yourself with the best support, tools, and guidance to never face this path alone.

Enjoy life and find happiness in the present moment:

Appreciate and love your current situation while having goals for the future and your greatest expansion. There is an undeniable allure to someone who genuinely loves themselves and the life they lead. Embrace this mindset, and you’ll unlock life’s most crucial puzzle, leading to a world of possibilities in relationships, becoming a mommy, and beyond. The key to happiness lies in cultivating strong social connections, which fosters positive social relationships (Lau et al., 2019).

This cycle of happiness and connection holds the key to a fulfilling and rewarding life. In our village of FPI Mamas, you will find a world of encouragement and support from a family who’s always eager to celebrate you and share your moments with an understanding ear.

Start with the end goal vision:

Thinking from the end is a powerful technique that ignites your intention to manifest the precise outcome you want of becoming a mommy. Envisioning the desired result clarifies the necessary steps to propel you toward your aspirations (Habbema et al., 2015). Start by harnessing the power of your imagination and tap into the ability it gives you to contemplate the life, family, phases of parenting and world you dream of, even before they materialize. As you vividly see these visions in your mind, they become your reality, guiding you to turn your dreams into tangible achievements.

Don’t wait to start living the life of your dreams:

Empower yourself to live the life of your dreams without waiting for anything or anyone to initiate it. When you perpetually react to circumstances instead of forging your own path, you become a victim of your surroundings (Glover, 2020). Instead, embrace a balanced approach, remaining at ease while fiercely deliberately creating the narrative of your life, including your identity and aspirations. Take charge of your journey to becoming a mommy and write your story with intention, for it is within your power to shape your destiny and manifest your desired life.

To help support you on your path to becoming a mommy, I’ve created a checklist that summarizes the above information into a comprehensive list to help you keep track of the things to remember when preparing to become a Mama.

Becoming A Mommy: Getting Rid Of The Guesswork Of Preparing

Getting ready for pregnancy is an exciting and important time in your life, Mama. By preparing your body and mind, you give yourself the gift of securing your healthiest possible fertility outcomes and baby. If you are reading this post, then you are already taking a very important step in becoming a mommy, and I already see you as one. I wrote this to help you get a few more steps closer to living that beautiful dream, Mama. Start embracing and embodying the title today.

If you’ve been wondering if there was a way to get all the right information in one place, with step-by-step guided practices and science-based knowledge on what to do to have your ultimate pregnancy and motherhood experience, the answer is yes, Mama, and here it is – The Primemester Protocol. It goes far beyond any other fertility and pregnancy resource you may find out there because of its unique epigenetic approach to help you in becoming a mommy.

It optimizes the pivotal 120-day period leading to conception by priming your mind and addressing your psychological well-being first while helping you correct your nutritional status. The Primemester Protocol gets your whole body into the optimal condition to epigenetically transform your reproductive function for the creation, development, and longevity of your superbaby.

Explore the Primemester Protocol’s full world of benefits here, and give your baby the ultimate headstart before conception.

Sent with superbaby dust.

Dr. Cleopatra

Dr. Cleopatra’s work has been instrumental in helping women achieve pregnancy and have their superbabies through a science-driven and compassionate approach. Her renowned Primemester Protocol tackles various aspects of fertility, encompassing hormones, lifestyle, personalized diet, exercise plans, supplements, and innovative biohacking techniques. Alongside the protocol, Dr. Cleopatra offers Fertility Epigenetic Tailoring, utilizing cutting-edge technology to optimize DNA for fertility, leading to personalized treatment plans.

The impact of her work is evident in numerous success stories, where women have overcome challenges like reproductive aging, miscarriages, and conditions like PCOS to realize their dream of having a baby. Dr. Cleopatra’s groundbreaking contributions to fertility biohacking are changing the landscape of women’s approach to fertility worldwide. If you’re facing fertility struggles, exploring her transformative work could hold the key to fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent.


Q1: What are some essential steps to prepare for motherhood?

A1: Prioritize your health and well-being, speak to your trusted FPI specialist, create a supportive network, educate yourself about pregnancy, the phases of parenting, becoming a mommy, and childbirth from our library of accurate resources, and prepare your home for the baby’s arrival.

Q2: Is it necessary to change my diet before becoming a mom? 

A2: It depends. If you are already maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet containing antioxidant colorful veggies, leafy greens, a moderate amount of pure protein, and healthy fats, the changes may not need to be drastic. Have a look at this blog post I shared on fertility superfoods inducing the foods to prioritize in your diet and those to avoid on the path to becoming a mommy.

Q3: How can I ensure a healthy pregnancy?

A3: The Primemester Protocol is an all-inclusive, immersive fertility resource designed to help you have a healthy pregnancy, baby, longevity, and unbelievably more. With its love-rooted and science-based approach, it is your ultimate fertility guide and resource in becoming a mommy to the healthiest baby possible.

Q4: When should I start taking prenatal vitamins?

A4: Ideally, start taking prenatal vitamins at least 120 days before trying to conceive to ensure you have essential nutrients like folate to support your baby’s development. With our Superbaby Nutraceuticals, you’ll be giving yourself the foundational 5 essential nutrients to support suboptimal nutrient status correction so you can start building with fertility-specific supplements.

Q5: What are some common signs of pregnancy?

A5: Early signs of pregnancy include missed periods, fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness, and frequent urination, among others.

Q6: How can I prepare for labor and delivery?

A6: Attend childbirth classes, discuss birth plans and birthing preferences with your healthcare provider, practice relaxation techniques, and gather necessary items for the hospital bag to be well-prepared for labor and delivery.

Q7: What are some tips for adjusting to motherhood after the baby arrives? 

A7: Prioritize self-care, accept help from others, establish a routine, communicate openly with your partner about responsibilities, and seek support from fellow moms or support groups.

Q8: Should I consider breastfeeding?

A8: Breastfeeding offers numerous benefits for both the baby and the mother. It provides essential nutrients and boosts the baby’s immune system while helping the mother bond with her child and reducing the risk of certain health issues.

Q9: How can I balance work and motherhood?

A9: Create a flexible schedule, explore childcare options, communicate openly with your employer, set realistic expectations, and prioritize time for yourself and your family to find a healthy work-life balance. Knowing the difference between essential and urgent things is extremely important, especially in the most stressful part of your life, primarily work.

Q10: How can I prepare for the emotional aspects of motherhood?

A10: Preparing emotionally for becoming a mommy involves seeking support from loved ones. Joining our loving FPI Village can bring you the same comfort, support, and healing many of our Mamas have come to experience behind our doors. 


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